Wednesday, September 30 1:00 PM
Honky Tonk Piano
by Gary Landgren

This programs is offered through the generosity of The Groton Trust Program and Lecture Fund
This rip-roaring style of piano was born out of RAGTIME and JAZZ from the 1890s thru the 1920s. Audiences tap their toes , clap and sing along to memorable songs as “Ain’t She Sweet”, “It Had To Be You” ,“12th Street Rag” and many others. Come join us for some toe-tapping “oldies.

Wednesday October 21 1:00 PM
Birds of Prey (with live birds)
Presented by Wingmaster

This programs is offered through the generosity of The Groton Trust Program and Lecture Fund
Birds of prey, also known as raptors can boast the best eyesight and the sharpest hearing in the animal kingdom. Raptors include hawks, falcons and owls. This presentation in corporates 5 live birds of prey, all native to New England.

WINGMASTERS is a partnership dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of North American birds of prey.

Monday, October 26 1:00PM
USSR/RUSSIA Myths, Mysteries and Spying
Presenter: Henry Quinlan

This programs is offered through the generosity of The Groton Trust Program and Lecture Fund
A one-hour presentation based on his 30 years’ involvement with the former Soviet Union and Russia including living in Moscow for five years during the demise of the USSR and the rise of the new Russia. The presentation will entertain and educate the audience.

Henry founded Quinlan Press Publishing Company. Among the books that he published are:
“My Life in Space” by Wally Schirra; “Rebound” by KC Jones, coach of the Boston Celtics; “The Cops are Robbers” by Kevin Stevens, which was featured on 60 Minutes and made into an HBO movie. While engaged in a publishing venture in the former Soviet Union, he the published the children’s book, “Make
Way for Ducklings” in Russia in 1991.

Wednesday, October 28 1:00 PM
Artistic Views of Jesus
Presented by Rick Tulipano

This programs is offered through the generosity of The Friends of Groton Elders Virginia Wood Lifelong Learning Fund
A 50-minute presentation titled: Seeing Jesus through the eyes of artists and story-tellers. This talk is not offered from any denominational perspective, nor does it take a negative view of any sect or religion. Instead, it depicts the works of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael and other great artists who immortalized crucial moments in the life of Christ.

Rick is the author of dozens of essays on the Cold War and the U.S. Civil War and has written a book on non-sectarian Christian faith (titled Reasonable Faith, published in 2019).

Wednesday, November 18 1:00 PM
Susan B. Anthony

Theater style performance by Sheryl Faye A women’s rights activist, she devoted her life to racial, gender, and educational equality. She is one of the most famous women in American history, playing a prominent role in the women’s suffrage movement, supporting women’s labor organizations and a woman’s right to own property.

Monday, November 23 1:00 PM
Cell phones Why we can’t live without them and how
that happened

This is a discussion on the developmental history of the cell phone starting with its birth early 1973. When
and why cell phone manufactures added technology to connect to the Internet (Wi-Fi), help us get to our intended destination (GPS) (most of the time), and connect to our cars so we can use hands free (Bluetooth).

Also discussed will be enhancements which come with most Cell phones: cameras, flashlights, email,
calendars, media players and other APPs.

Presenter: Hank Montanari, who spent 40 years in the networking technology workforce. He retired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise as an IOT (Internet of Things) senior business developer.

Wednesday, December 16 1:00 PM
Christmas 1895 with
“Victoria Yule”

Theater style performance by Anne Barrett Victoria Yule will welcome you into her parlor, complete with an antique chair, table and props, and share her plans for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Learn the history of many Christmas traditions from stories passed down to her from “Grandmama and Grandpapa”. She’ll read Dickens, display toys and handmade gifts her family will be exchanging around the Christmas tree, and in her clear soprano, sing carols of the season. Travel back in time to Christmas 1895 with this fun, creative and engaging performance.

Join us for “fun and games” with Kathy

Team Scrabble on the Big Board
Monday November 9 1:00 PM

Team Trivia
Monday December 14 1:00 PM

New Years Bingo
Thursday, December 31 10:30 AM