Exercise Opportunities

Our Fitness Center

Open Monday – Friday 8am -4pm

Due to Covid 19:
Reservations are necessary for your 45 minute workout.
Only 2 people at a time are permitted in the Fitness Center and participants cannot be on adjoining equipment.

The fitness center is open and payments are on hold minimally, until 1.1.2021. If you joined this year you will not pay again until 1.1.2022, your previous paid fees will be applied beginning 1.1.2021

New members will pay the membership fee 1.1.2021. In the meantime, new members are still required to complete the paperwork.

Open to Groton residents 50 years and older and non-residents 60 and older.

Groton Residents:  $30     6 months        $50     12 months
Non-Residents:     $60      6 months      $100    12 months

Equipment available for your use: Treadmills, Rowing Machine, Free Weights, Recumbent Bike (wheelchair assessable) Recumbent Stepper (wheelchair  assessable), state of the art hydraulic resistant machines for: legs, upper, back arms and a heavy bag.

The membership fees will be used to cover equipment maintenance and replacement as needed. If you are unable to pay please see Stacey Shepard Jones for confidential membership support.

All participants must attend an orientation class and complete required paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete and payment received, participants will have unlimited access to the equipment during the center’s regular hours.  The fitness center is unsupervised.

Stop in to see us and we’ll have all the paperwork waiting for you or you may access the necessary paperwork now.
Fitness Center Policy
Fitness Center Registration Form
Fitness Center Medical Clearance Form
Fitness Center Informed Consent Form


Mail a check PRIOR to the start of class: 225 legate Hill Rd. Leominster, MA 01453

Ask the Nurse / Blood Pressure Screening
September 22, 1:30 p.m. 􏰁 2:30 p.m. Hosted by Nashoba Valley Board of Health

Flu Clinic
October 27th
Flu Clinic sponsored by Nashoba Board of Health
Call to express interest!

Total Body Workout with Pilates!

Wednesday: 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
September 8th - October 27th
8 classes $120

Boost your metabolism, increase your lean muscle tissue, strength and your bone density! The Most Important type of exercise as we go through the journey of life is……strength training! Strengthen your core and improve your balance! Join in on this fun an motivating class , great for beginners and well seasoned exercisers! Learn how to strength train safely and effectively with individual attention! All you need is weights, a mat and water!

Call 978 448 1170 for Payment Details

Strength Training Chair Aerobics

Mondays at 9:30 AM
Wednesdays at 10:45 AM
Fridays 9:30AM
Cost: $4.00 per class until Sept. 27, 2021 Video Instruction Sept. 29 until further notice
Elaine Corsetti, instructor
Just the right mix of aerobic & strength in your workout. Class is set to vibrant music.


Supported by the Friends of Groton Elders.
Thursdays, 9:30
Cost: $5.00 per class
Louise Dorian, instructor
A gentle yoga class with a focus on mental peace. Work on your flexibility as you experience tranquility.

Bone Builders

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am
Cost: None

Osteoporosis affects many. This free class will help Using light weights, our routines are centered around slow, methodical movements.
A recent study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that low-weight, high-repetition resistance training is especially
effective for increasing bone mineral density in adults. Participants in the study experienced up to
8 percent bone density increases in their arms, pelvis, spine and legs.


Please call for Start Date
Thursdays, 12:30-1:15PM
Cost: $5 per class

New students welcome anytime.
Focusing the mind solely on the movements helps to bring about a state of calm and clarity, as you improve your balance and flexibility.
Instructor: Debbie LaDue

Hearing Screenings

3rd Wednesday of each month
1:30 - 2:30pm
By Appointment (No Appointments in September)

Hearing screenings and hearing aid cleanings. Please be sure to make an appointment by calling the center, 978-448-1170.

Focus on Footcare

September 14 and 28 12:00-3:45 PM
October 12 and 26 12:00-3:45 PM
Cost: Each appointment is $45
Provider: Sarah Kinghorn: BSN RN CFCN

During your visit you can expect a 30 minute appointment which will include; assessment, nail clipping, filing callus reduction and, completing the appointment, a gentle massage.

Groton Residents only