Services Offered

The Center offers a variety of services. (Services Offered Brochure)

Please call the office at 978-448-1170 for more information on any of the following services.


The Groton Council on Aging provides transportation to meet your medical, social, shopping and educational needs. Our local van will transport within Groton and surrounding towns. We also has a Boston Medical van that provides transportation to medical appointments to Boston, the VA, Emerson Hospital, Lahey Clinic, etc. Please call, 978-448-1170, for more information.


The Groton Council on Aging, Groton Police Department and Groton Fire Department are pleased to announce Project Safe and Sound. This collaborative effort is intended to protect Groton residents (of any age), with cognitive impairment, that may be at risk for wandering.

The Safe and Sound Registry contains identifying information such as date of birth, medical condition, a recent photo, emergency contact information, favorite places to go, and more.

All information on the registration form is kept completely confidential and accessible only to our First Responders and Council on Aging.  If you would like to register, or you have a loved one you would like to register for Project Safe and Sound please use this link

Project Safe and Sound Registration Form

Please return all forms to: Groton Council on Aging, The Groton Center 163 West Main Street, Groton, MA 01450.

Turning 65: Pathway to Medicare

Use these websites and phone numbers to learn more about Medicare and other sources of health care when you turn 65.

Make an appointment with a local SHINE counselor

The SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Program provides free health insurance information and counseling to all Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers.

People who have Medicare or who are about to become eligible for Medicare can meet with a counselor to learn about benefits and options available.

For an appointment with a counselor please call the Council on Aging: 978-448-1170

Marketplace/Affordable Care Act   800-318-2596

Veterans’ Health Benefits      877-222-8387

Or call Groton’s Veterans Service Agent: Bob Johnson 978-448-1122

Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phones

Safelink is a government program that gives free cell phones and minutes to people who have low income. The government pays for the phones and the minutes and there are no contract, fees, or monthly charges. We have applications at The Center and are happy to help seniors complete the applications. Please call for an appointment.

COA Mobile Library Program

In collaboration with the Groton Public Library we will pick up books, tapes DVDs, etc., and deliver them to homebound seniors, and to those seniors that may need this service on a temporary basis. We will also pick up and return items you borrowed from the library as your due date nears. Please call us for more information.

Ask the Officer

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11:00am Senior Liaison Officer is at The Center to answer any questions or concerns senior residents may have. Any information you share with him remains confidential. In the event you cannot come to the Senior Center, call us and we’ll put him in touch with you. In an emergency, always call 911.

Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program

If you, or if you know of someone that has a hearing, speech, motion, vision, or cognitive disability, MassEDP may be able to provide specialized equipment for little or no cost. In order to be eligible, you must be a MA resident, you must have a licensed MA physician verify your permanent disability, and you must have a land-line home phone. Please stop in if you would like an application

Verizon Lifeline Discount Program

This is a government assistance program that offers telephone discounts to qualified low-income customers. If you qualify for the Lifeline discount service, you are eligible to receive a reduced rate on your Verizon monthly bill. Applications are available at the Groton Council on Aging.

Phone Wellness

We are available to reach out to our seniors who may need a friendly voice of reassurance. They may be experiencing a loss, illness, or any other circumstance and could use a friendly call.

Medical Equipment

The Council on Aging maintains a limited supply of used medical equipment which is available for loan or for permanent usage. Should we not have the equipment you need please call and for a referral.

Home Visits

We understand that there are situations in which seniors cannot come to The Center. If you would like us to make a home visit for any reason, please call us. We will come to you!

Information and Referral

The Groton Council on Aging has working relationships with many agencies serving our senior community. We are your are your first stop to answer questions, access services and to make referrals relating to your concerns. Our services include but not limited to; respite care, long term care, legal, caretaker, financial and health services. Call also for transportation, health issues, and senior safety.


Massachusetts provides access to integrated health care services through MASSHEALTH. We have the current applications on file. A senior resident can stop by to get an application or call to have one mailed to them. We can also help with the application process

RMV Disabled Placard Applications

Current RMV Disabled Placard applications are available at the COA. Placards are for medically disabled drivers and passengers. Please stop and see us or call for an application

Farmer's Market Coupons

Montachusett Opportunity Council distributes the coupons through the COA for distribution to low income Groton seniors to be used at the Groton Farmer’s Market as well as surrounding towns. Please call us in June if you would like to be on the distribution list.

SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SNAP is government assistance program to help low-income households pay for food. The amount of support depends on the household’s size, income and expenses. For current eligibility requirements and application assistance please call for an appointment.

Emergency Preparedness

In collaboration with the Groton Police, Fire, and Emergency Services the COA maintains a data base for support to our residents in need during times of crisis. In the event of a severe weather or other emergency, we call those registered to ensure that they are safe and their needs are being met. All information provided on this form remains confidential. These forms are available at The Center and are mailed out in the town census once a year. To maintain up-to-date information, please return the form annually.

The Catholic Heart Work Camp

Once a year (usually in July), the Catholic Heart Work Camp comes to Groton for a week. The young men and women spend the week doing repairs on senior’s homes. These repairs range from washing windows interior/exterior, painting interior/exterior, yard work, installing new locks, basement and/or attic clean outs, etc. The senior only has to pay for and provide the materials. This is a wonderful intergenerational program for seniors as well as campers! Please call the Senior Center in the spring to see when the applications will be available.

“Benefits Check Up”

Benefits Check Up is a free service of the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Through a series of questions it identifies public programs that could save seniors money and cover the costs of everyday expenses. For assistance with the Benefits Check Up, please call for an appointment or you may find the service at the NCOA website:

SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of Elders)

SHINE is a public program to support those new to Medicare or needing to make a change during open enrollment, A trained volunteer SHINE Counselor provides free health insurance information, counseling and, assistance to Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers. If you need to speak or meet with our SHINE Counselor, please call The Center, 978-448-1170 to schedule an appointment.

Fuel Assistance

Also known as LIHEAP Fuel assistance is supported and distributed through Community Teamwork of Lowell. This programs supports eligible households challenged by the high cost of home heating fuel. Eligibility is based on household size and the combined gross annual income of household members. Homeowners and renters, including those whose heat is included in their rent, can apply for fuel assistance. The fuel assistance season is from November 1st to April 30th and can be used for oil, electricity, natural gas, and propane. If you are a resident that is 60+ and would like support completing a fuel assistance application, please call 978-448-1170.

File of Life

The File of Life is a miniature medical history that is kept in a protective sleeve which hangs on your refrigerator with a condensed form to carry in your wallet. It enables emergency personnel to obtain a quick medical history when a patient is unable to give one, which enables a quicker medical response time.

Yellow Dot Program

The Yellow Dot Program is designed to provide first responders with an individual’s medical information in the event of an emergency on the roadways.

The information can mean the difference between life and death immediately following a serious incident.

Medical information is kept in the car’s glove compartment with a “Yellow Dot” on the lower rear windshield to indicate the information is in the car.

For your Yellow Dot packet call the Council on Aging, 978-448-1170.